MR. WHY specialty nutrients for dogs H+ Health

  • Australian pure natural high-quality milk source
  • Various beneficial nutrients are addedwhich are beneficial to the growth of the puppy
  • The short chain polypeptide and hypoallergenic formulas make our products safe and mild
  • Patented packaging technology is used to improve absorption

Feature of Product

MR. WHY’s immune nutrients specially for dogs is made from natural Australian ingredients, and pet specific nutrients are extracted using scientific formulas and immune regulation factors such as calcium, iron, selenium, vitamin E, are added. The patented technology of particle packaging is adopted, with nutrients locked in yet continually and evenly released so as to provide quickly the nutritive energy the dog needs; the unique feature of the powdered product doubly enhances the absorption efficiency. It can help dogs to comprehensively improve immunity, and in particular, helps young and pregnant dogs to enhance and strengthen immunity. It can reduce aging in older dogs and reduces the incidence of senile diseases. At the same time, it strengthens the health of dogs, accelerates recovery from illness, and promotes healthy growth.

Nutrient Content:

calcium , iron ,selenium, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B, etc.

Nutrients Content Nutrients Content
Protein % ≥22.0 Vitamin E mg/kg ≥400
Fat % ≥8.00 Vitamin B1 mg/kg ≥100
Calcium % 1.00~1.50 Iron mg/kg


Phosphorus % 0.80~1.20 Zincmg/kg 350~900

Vitamin A  10thousand IU/kg


Selenium mg/kg


Usage and Dosage:

Recommended dosage: 10 g daily; feed to the dog immediately after the bag is opened

Feed with water

10 g each time, fully dissolved with 40-50 ml warm  water


10 g each time, directly to the dog for lapping

Diet mate

10 g each time, with the dog’s food; mix evenly and feed

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